Hi Everyone, and welcome to my site! My name is Ralph Sanchez and this website is here to feature all the creations I have made over the years. Please feel free to check out my artwork, music (Red Echoes), and some of my poems and philosophies. This is going to be a constant work in progress so I hope you enjoy yourself here, and keep checking back for updates!

A very brief story about my journey as an artist:

I've always been somewhat cursed by a very overactive imagination that had me constantly creating superheroes, monsters, and stories when I was a child. When I was old enough I attended the Colorado Institute of Art to be able to translate my ideas into a career. After only about 1 semester a teacher set me aside and told me that I was wasting my time and that a guy like me either makes it or doesn't; that a degree won't make or break me, but instead it had to do with my willpower. A few years later I ended up in Germany where I began to work at a fine art company and met my mentor Erik DeAndre Robinson who changed my life and helped me grow immensely in a very short amount of time.  I then went back to the U.S. and had the great fortune of befriending and getting to learn from the screenprinter and artist Lindsey Kuhn. At this point I started doing many art shows, stage performances, and creating merchandise. I should've been on cloud 9, but the art world can be very shallow and pointless at times. This left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I left the art scene for about 15 years. Even though I distanced myself from the art world, I couldn't help but continuously create  drawings, music, and stories. In 2018 again I had the great fortune of having fantastic friends and this lead to me returning to the world of art, as an airbrush artist for a local playground equipment manufacturer. Then a few months later I was accepted into the Next Art Gallery! There's just too much luck, and coincidence that I've had to ignore the fact that I'm put on Earth to create. So here I am, and I will continue to make things that I hope people of all types will enjoy. It's the least I can do to say thanks to all the awesome people that have stood by me through these years.

Artist Statement:

 "Between the dream state and the material world is where my mind exists. I have a sleep disorder. I have a strange life. I am a resident in a world of abstract fantasies and Earthly distortions. This is my mind. A mind of a goblin. Let's go for a ride!"

Feel free to contact me at: torgo@mindofagoblin.com

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