Here is some of my artwork that is primarily divided into two categories; digital and mixed media paintings.  The digital work presented here has the "sample" watermark on them to help prevent being used without my permission.  I plan on making many of these images into merchandise available for purchase in the near future.  So if you see something you like, stay tuned because it may be available in t-shirt form, mugs, etc.  My paintings are primarily done in acrylic, but I will use almost anything I think will improve the concept or appearance of the individual piece. I will be showing my artwork again in public, and I'll keep you all updated on when and where these will be shown. Please keep checking back, as I will be updating this section as much as possible. 

"Eye of the Beholder"


This was originally a colored painting that had  fishnets stretched across the canvas. I had it displayed at my first art show at the Cafe Netherworld in 2000. This piece sold soon after, but luckily I still had the drawing and I converted it into graphic form.

"Pickled Punk"

I originally made this around 1996 for a magazine I was going to launch. I found it in a pile of papers and decided to re-do it in graphic form in 2018.

"Intergalactic Monkey Wars"

This was first published in an limited edition art book I released in 2001.


"The Meek"

This was originally a t-shirt design I created while working with Lindsey Kuhn of Swamp. One of my best sellers, but also tragic timing since it was released in August 2001; one month before 9/11.  I have a song about this image called "Temple of the Roaches". 

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