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Now rise - above the Earth

Into the clouds - And over the seas

Beyond - what was once known

And what you've been told

Just follow your deams


Woman when I first met you

I could tell right then

That my love I'd give to you honey 

And this would be the end

I saw you from far away 

Right into those eyes

My brain was zapped - my heart was trapped

I'd been hypnotized

I used to be - Alone but free

But now my will is yours

How can it be- I'm no longer me

It will always be a mystery - to me

I tried so hard I swear

Not to fall in love

But the way you danced for me honey

I couldn't get enough

You would move just like a cat

Stalking in the night

I can't resist that angel's kiss

In the candlelight

I used to be - alone you see

Then you were my girl

How could I be - so lucky

It will always be a mystery- to me

Eventually the time had come

When you had to go

And you couldn't stay with me honey

Or else you'd never know

That you were born to reach the stars

And ride the cosmic waves

But I'll keep - our love so deep

Until the end of days

You used to be - right here with me

But now it's just a void

Why can't it be - that you return to me

It will always be a mystery- to me

Today - the rain it falls

Washes - away it all

Begin - again

Clouds- Gathering

Shelter- from the sun

No more - need to run

Breathe deep - again

I'll sleep - again

"Temple of Roaches"

There's a black cloud in the sky

Out loud you hear them cry -

"The end is coming!"

Time for them to face

The truth of their disgrace

No more running

Hate, fear, apathy

Lust, lies, gluttony

These are human ways

Lessons never learned

Destined to *always* burn

On their judgement day

T.V. made them blind

Ate away their minds

Numbness increased

Gods were bought and sold

Rules are made from gold

Number of the beast

Pointless philosophy

Wasted technology

Tipping the scale

Of a fragile enviroment

Testing Earth's temperment

Bring forth fire and hail!


When I sleep I walk

Through many different doors

Many lives and goodbyes

Across checkered floors

Memories or thoughts

I think that I suspect

That I never knew 

The things I had left

A kiss or a bite

Reflections of ghosts

Teach me these things

And give me new hopes

Awake and dreaming

I open up my eyes

Nothing here is real

For me to realize

"That's Reality"

You were young and an idealist - You didn't ask for much

Maybe noteriety, some money and true love

But no one gives two shits about you - as the years drag on

All the choices that you made have steered you wrong

It could be so simple - at least it seemed that way

Until you reached the end of your rope and your options fade away

You thought money didn't matter - and you'd never sell out

But one way or another you have to sell yourself


You can choose to see the glass half full - whatever gets you by

You can live in denial and gag yourself with lies

You can drown yourself in alcohol or prescription pills

And surround yourself with those that think your bullshit is real

But you cannot win an argument - with the grey hair on your head

Or the fact that your days are just as empty as your bed

And even if you found someone - the reality is this

That love just becomes a job and then a razor to your wrist


Style over substance -  the social golden rule

As 50 year old man-children try so desperate to be cool

Living in the past -  you cannot let it go

You live in fear - it's crystal clear

But no one tells you so

Point your finger - or tell us that at least you tried

But it doesn't really matter - cuz we just get sick and die

You left a trail of misery and then dumped it on our youth

but one day - they'll reach our age and their gonna do it too

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